Latest Job Gains- Healthcare, Transportation

With the Bureau of Labor Statistics releasing latest figures showing unemployment at a two-year low, long term job seekers may be left wondering just what they’re doing wrong. For those in the finance or local government sectors, this positive change may have been easy to miss. In reality, the employment upswing is due to steady growth in key areas such as transportation, healthcare and mining. Other growth areas include retail and manufacturing, not surprising considering that the data was taken from the month of December, a time of year notorious for Christmas shopping and post-holiday sales.

Of all the aforementioned sectors, transportation and healthcare remain the most consistently reliable, with steady growth projected though 2016. Bus driving positions, for example, are due to rise by an average 7% within the next few years and their average annual salary remains steady at $37,060. Healthcare is faring even better, with projected growth of 18%, and as one example, an average salary of $64,900 for diagnostic sonographers in the US.

You can also read the full report now on the Bureau of Labor Statistics website.



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